Ceramic coating

Elevate Your Car’s Shine: Experience Supreme Protection with Our Ceramic Coating Solutions!

Ceramic Coating

Once you’ve treated your car to the luxury of a professional detailing service, the next step in
preserving that pristine finish is our Ceramic Coating package. We work with market leading brands
such as Gyon and Gtechniq Coatings which isn’t just any ordinary protective layer – it’s a powerful
shield that forms an unbreakable chemical bond with your car’s paintwork sealing the freshly
detailed paint.

Ceramic Coating

This coating creates a remarkably durable and seamless film-like barrier, adding an extra layer of
protection that ranges from 3 to 7 microns in thickness. Not only does it fortify your car’s exterior, but
it also ensures that the highest possible level of gloss is maintained.
Ceramic Coating protects your vehicle from the following threats to your vehicles paintwork :

– Swirl marks
– Hazing
– Light scratches
– Harsh wash chemicals
– Bird droppings / Tree Sap / Tar / Hard water spots
– Heat and UV rays
– Interior soiling

Time Spent: 6hr - 1 day process
Price: From £199 + VAT
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